Even Bigger Holiday Giveaway!! We have 3 winners!

Wow!! What an unbelievable project this has turned into... to have the opportunity to read stories from you about the families that you know and love and care for.... that could use a little lift in their spirits this season has been such a blessing to me. Words cannot express what this has done for my spirit this season, and I am so very greatful! As I read each story, I truly wanted to have each of these families win the big Giveaway, hearing how neat it would be for them... so in the end I decided to have 3 families each receive the free $100 photo session. It was the most heartwarming experience to hear from their sponsors, and from them of how excited they were to receive this, and my heart is truly so full as the spirit of giving works this way - doesn't it? I am the one who is greatful to have these experiences, and I cannot wait to have the photo sessions with each of them! Thanks to Veronica Reeve for sharing this project that actually included over 490 photographers giving away over $500 million in portrait-ry goodness! It is an honor to be a part of something so great! www.givingisawesome.com

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